How would your co-workers describe you? “a legend haircutter”
Best advice I’ve ever received is “breathe” and “fashion comes and goes, style lasts forever
My signature hair statement: I call it a “joverhaul”. A complete transformation ⭐️
Me in emojis ⭐️♥️
Career highlight: Sassoon Academy Santa Monica. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Session styling in the Northern Territory, East Timor and Borneo. Travelling the world for “work”…I’d say I’m “living the dream”
I love working at HMDS because opportunities always arise to excel at what I do, and then share it all with a fabulous team. As a hairdresser, I am always growing.
What makes me laugh? So many things there’s not enough space to answer. I’m laughing on the inside right now.
What makes me cry? When someone does something for someone else to help or give for no reason. Selfless and humble. And movies. I cry in all the movies 😂
Celebrity crush Donatella Versace
On my birthday I’ll be surrounded by those I love most and creating some wicked memories.

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