Star sign Gemini
Fave Netflix binge Gossip Girl, Full House, Gilmore Girls
What makes you laugh Dog compilation videos
What makes you cry The Notebook
Career highlight my career highlight was coming to the disco and receiving the best quality of training, it doesn’t matter if we are a junior or a senior we are always being taught to work our absolute hardest and we learn something new every single day.
Describe yourself in emojis 😛🤷🏼‍♀️👸🏼
What will you be doing on your birthday ice skating or horse riding
What do you love about working at disco I love that everyday I come to work, we are all there to be not just co workers but great friends and even more so a family. Everyday we come to work we remind ourselves that we are there to do what we love, and enjoy it.
How would your co workers describe you Bubbly, clumsy, reliable and hardworking
What’s the best advice you’ve ever received “Everything happens for a reason”

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