How would your co-workers describe you? Loud, happy and the queen of “horrible” dad jokes but we all know they are hilarious really.
What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? if life gives you lemons you have two possibilities; 1st one “make apple juice” and the 2nd one “rhinestone every inch of that lemon”.
What do you do to get inspired? I look at pictures of my mother and my grandma throughout their lives
Star sign = taurus
Celebrity crush = it has to be Daniel Radcliffe or Manolo Cardona or both.
Describe your best weekend = Colombian food, Spanish Sangria and dancing in high heels.
Career highlight = having the opportunity to start at HMDS.
What do you love about working at HMDS? the actual love, passion, respect and dedication everyone has and applies with every single client or co worker.
I’m obsessed by… anything that is sparkling and reflective.
Fave Netflix binge? Reign, Dynasty( the newest version obvs) and Derry girls.
What makes you cry? books, cutting onions and cats.

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